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Deep Fat Fried

Sep 30, 2021

Here's another entry into our dumbest conservatives series. Will Dave Rubin top Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, and Ted Nugent? You can decide after today's episode of Deep Fat Fried.

Sep 30, 2021

Flash Fried from 9/29/21. Want DOUBLE the Flash Fried? For just $5 on our Patreon, you can listen to 2+ hours of Flash Fried every Wednesday.

Sep 28, 2021

While you might think bodies of water are just a boring Jeopardy category, lakes can actually be pretty crazy, and even dangerous. Join us as we look at the weirdest lakes mother nature has to offer on DEEP FAT FRIED!

Sep 27, 2021

It's time to put some of the most iconic movie posters, like from Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction, head to head. Which movie will win? Find out today on DEEP FAT FRIED!

Sep 25, 2021

Want to know more about the deaths of the famous? Check out a clip of our latest exclusive episode, and join our Patreon to listen to the rest of the show! Longer episodes every Friday!