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Deep Fat Fried

Feb 24, 2018

A bracket of badasses goes head to head determine once and for all who is the baddest of them all!

Feb 20, 2018

Join the guys as they dive into the wacky world of cryptocurrency and discuss one of Russia's strangest historical figures Rasputin. 

Top 10 Movie Villains = DEEP FAT FRIED

Feb 17, 2018

Who will reign supreme as the king,queen...uhhh thing of movie villians? DFF argues and our live audience voted. DFF proudly presents our Top Ten Movie Villians. 

Feb 13, 2018

DONALD TRUMP vs. MYSTERY PRESIDENT = DEEP FAT FRIED Donald Trump battles a mystery president on this episode of DEEP FAT FRIED!  

Feb 11, 2018

Tonight's episode is about one crazy guy named L. Ron Hubbard. The infamous founder of the church of Scientology and named one of America's most influential people of all time. Join us as we Deep Fat Fry  L. Ron Hubbard.