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Deep Fat Fried

Feb 28, 2021

Kirk Cameron and Kevin Sorbo: both disingenuous evangelical actors. Both are utter tools. Tonight, we will put them head to head to find out who's the BIGGEST tool. Seven categories are before us, and we will be eviscerating both of their histories to settle their tool quotient. Who will win? Find out on our Patreon: 

Feb 25, 2021

Second part here:

Feb 23, 2021

Some people and animals you just can't kill. They simply refuse to die despite the unlikely odds of survival. So you throw a couple of nukes at me? Meh, I shrug it off. Sink three ships I'm on? Meh, no big deal. I won't say that the people and animals featured tonight are lucky, but after you hear the stories of their...

Feb 22, 2021

We're here to solve your problems, and I'm (Paulzego) here to solve the problems of our patrons, who graciously asked and shall recieve this upcoming episodes on Active Cults on Deep Fat Fried. 

Feb 18, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, conservative "hero" died at 70 on February 18th 2021.

The cause: lung cancer.

Mr. Limbaugh, a cigar enthusiast who defended tobacco use, announced to his fans last year that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer but never seemed to put two and two together. 

Second half...